Home Inspection

What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is an important part of the purchasing process.  It provides detailed information on ovreall major deficiencies and is a technical review of the home on the day of inspection.  Today’s home inspectors should also be certified in both thermal imaging (infrared) and mold.  As a home continues to change with age and maintenance requirements, this new technology helps in detecting deficiencies that cannot be visually detected.  Theraml imaging is included with every home inspection.  A copy of our Standards of Practice is included with each binder, outlining which major systems and components are included.  The buyer should read and understand the inspection report and findings before making their purchasing decision.

How long does it take?
A typical inspection takes approx. two hours and we believe our clients should be present during the inspection to address any questions that may arise.

How much does an inspection cost?
The average inspection starts at $475.00 for Semi & Detached houses up to 2400 sq ft in the Durham region. Apartments and Condominiums start at $325.00. Call for additional information and rates. See moreWhat if I’m buying a new hom

What if I’m buying a new home?
Today new home build/purchases are protected under the Tarion Warranty Corporation, (formerly, Ontario New Home Warranty Program).  Even with this protection many new homes are built without defects.  The builder does not always inspect sub contractor’s work and/or the local municipal inspector cannot always be available during the entire home construction. See more



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