Buying a home is a major investment and the quality of a home inspection should not be compromised.  Today’s home inspections continue to change.  The internet has increased our awareness and knowledge of the health risks associated with mold in our homes.  New technology such as infrared thermal imaging (ITI) has increased the inspectors ability to detect water infiltration and insulation voids.  Finding the most qualified home inspector can be challenging.  Most fully qualified inspectors do thermal imaging on all inspection and are mold certified. Ideally a (CMI) CertifiedMaster Inspector.

These additional services have increased the cost of the home inspection; In return they greatly reduce your risk of purchasing a home with water infiltration causing mold and insulation voids which cannot be detected in a basic home inspection.

Similar to a Pre-Listing Inspection, a home inspection is one of the most important steps in the home purchase process. Hiring a certified home inspector (ideally a Master inspector) is essential to ensure the inspection is conducted to a recognized standard, providing the buyer with valuable information about the condition of the home. The goal of the inspection is to identify any MAJOR problems that are apparent on a visual inspection of the property. A listing of minor building flaws or minor repairs and maintenance items may be provided as a courtesy, at the inspector’s discretion. Thermal imaging is included with every home inspection at no additional cost. Areas checked include; recent repairs/ water stains/main floor ceilings. Water intrusion can be coming from showers/toilets and bathtubs located above. Please call for any questions regarding thermal imaging.

Cost:  The average home inspection up to 2800 sq ft is $500., plus tax.

There is an additional $100 for basement apartments,